Does Transcendental Meditation Help Long COVID Symptoms?

Over the last 40 years of research and experimentation by western medicine, Transcendental Meditation has proven to be a highly effective and scientifically verified way to prevent and reduce stress and fatigue. Numerous studies by medical organizations around the world have proven the effectiveness of this ancient practice. From dialing down stress and other symptoms in veterans suffering from PTSD to reducing high blood pressure in at-risk groups of people, this form of mindfulness and meditation offers significant potential. Regardless of one’s age, circumstances, religion, culture or profession, TM as a healing practice should be explored in relation to Long COVID. My own experience was quite positive and was one of the few things I tried which gave me almost immediate positive biofeedback of symptom improvement for Long COVID. But first, let’s talk about what is TM?

What Is Transcendental Meditation?

According to the Cleveland Clinic:

“Transcendental Meditation is a type of meditation. You silently repeat a word or phrase in your mind to settle yourself into deep consciousness. Transcendental meditation has been found to have many health benefits, including lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress.”

Cleveland Clinic

During a session of transcendental meditation, your mind and body enter a state of relaxation. This helps balance your neurotransmitter activities and hormones while calming the thoughts in your mind and the physiological stress response of your body. Can you see how this might help with some of the most severe neurological and hormone related symptoms of Long COVID? That was exactly my train of thought as soon as the brain fog caused by Long COVID had lifted enough for me to start Googling potential treatments.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation for Long COVID Symptoms

In my own experience with transcendental meditation, I found the following benefits and improvements to several of my 50+ Long COVID symptoms:

  • HRV (as measured by my Garmin watch) climbed from around 30 to the mid 50’s
  • resting (racing) heart rate dropped from ~95bpm to ~60bpm
  • blood pressure which was fluctuating dramatically throughout the day stabilized within a normal range
  • my racing thoughts slowed dramatically and stopped overwhelming my consciousness
  • the multiple daily ‘adrenaline dumps’ and borderline panic-attacks all but disappeared
  • the severe tension I had experienced in several muscle groups throughout my body started to relax (massage therapy also helped with this)

To be clear, my background is technology, not health or medicine, so I approached all of this fairly pragmatically. My initial thought was the idea that TM was specific to the Hindu religion and not worth exploring since I don’t practice that religion. In fact, several of my Christian friends expressed concern that at best the practice is questionable and at worst, potentially opening up oneself to evil. However, I had taken on the mindset of ‘trying everything’ to escape from the living hell of Long COVID symptoms. After two sessions, I was convinced of the benefits and would without hesitation recommend it to anyone experiencing Long COVID symptoms. At best, you experience remission of many of your symptoms, and at worst, it doesn’t do anything for you and you continue trying other therapies for Long COVID. There are also no side-effects, unlike most drugs being prescribed to Long COVID sufferers.

The video below was my initial introduction to Transcendental Meditation on my Long COVID recovery journey. With the immediate positive biofeedback I saw just watching this video, I decided to pursue it further and am thankful for the role it played in my healing process.

To learn more about my experience with Long COVID and the diet, protocols, therapies, supplements, substances (yes, I know), specialists, lab tests, and medical imaging that helped me be sure to read my full story of Surviving Long Covid. If you currently suffer from the effects of this parallel pandemic, I pray you also make a full recovery to health!