Recovery Protocols

Here is a complete list of Long Covid Recovery Protocols developed by survivors of Long Covid as well as medical professionals working at Long Covid Recovery Clinics. I’ve linked to the protocols I found helpful during my search for a treatment that would work. I looked for commonalities and synergy while developing my own protocol specific to my genetics and immune issues. Please feel free to contact me to add additional helpful protocols.

Thomas Bunker’s Fasting / Autophagy Protocol

Thomas Bunker’s protocol is quite simple, really. It’s primary focus is fasting in order to allow the body to heal itself via autophagy. You can find more information on his website (Recover From Long Covid) as well as his very active Facebook group Long Covid – Recover via Fasting / Autophagy.

JJ Schoch’s The Heal Long Covid Project

This protocol takes a fairly scientific approach and includes detailed lists of supplements and therapies Mr Schoch used to recover after suffering for over a year from Long Covid. You can find more information on JJ Schoch’s website, The Heal Long Covid Project.

FLCCC I-Recover Long Covid Treatment

While controversial, much of the FLCCC protocol is steeped in good science and I found most of their recommendations resonating across the other protocols I researched. I recommend researching it for yourself at FLCCC I-RECOVER Long Covid Treatment Protocol.

MCMC Research Long COVID Protocol

The MCMC Research’s Long COVID Protocol is well-researched and has some very useful scientific references including the important genetic component. I highly recommend reading the 13 Part Long COVID blog series they have written (Part 10 is the protocol).

Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Initiative by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

This protocol is linked to the CDC and other US and international health organizations. It is extremely detailed and oriented toward medical staff who are looking for resources to help their patients suffering from Long COVID symptoms. You can find more information at the Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Initiative.